Energy and natural gas

In recent years, energy efficiency in general, and natural gas in particular, has moved to center stage in energy development in Israel. The discovery of natural gas reserves and construction of transmission and distribution networks gives industrial plants and institutions business opportunity and significant financial savings, thanks to conversion to a cleaner and cheaper energy source. We at Halevi Dweck specialize in setting up and managing complex projects in the fields of infrastructure and energy, with particular expertise in natural gas. Our firm has extensive experience in all the fields related to projects of conversion to natural gas, including the operational, engineering, commercial, regulatory and statutory aspects. Our team of experts offer you consulting services throughout all phases of the project, including guidance through regulatory matters, and vis-à-vis contractors, providers of natural gas and infrastructure. We currently serve as consultants in the natural gas area to several dozen industrial plants and public entities.

The advantages to your factory or institution:

Assistance to factories in making decisions in situations of uncertainty, while integrating engineering, regulatory and commercial aspects Comprehensive commercial consultancy relevant to the natural gas market Consultancy on synchronization of all the entities and interfaces involved in the project Use of specialist consultants in Israel and overseas in projects and unique issues.

Services in the fields of energy and natural gas :

1. Conversion to natural gas projects – consulting, ongoing support and project management for industrial plants and institutions

2. Conducting the process of obtaining the Regulator’s approval of the end-use equipment – the Standards Institute of Israel (SII).

3. Cogeneration – feasibility studies of cogeneration projects along complex outlines, consulting and ongoing support throughout all phases of the project.

4. NGV, CNG – feasibility studies and consulting to projects of compressed natural gas for factories (CNG) and for transportation applications (NGV)

5. Private energy procurement – consulting and guidance through procurement transactions of private electricity